Hey. Angie here. Its the September already!  I am seated on my couch thinking about how much my life has changed this year. The latest event yet being my fibroid diagnosis.

I have had a spectrum of emotional variations since then, but I must say that my outlook of life in general is transforming at a rate that I could never have imagined.

The week after my doctor’s visit I basically laid low on every aspect of my life. I made the decision to take a breather and re-evaluate my life, as is usually the case whenever we as humans encounter misfortune.

As a young adult I never really gave myself a chance to critically think about my life, and my health. It was always something I pushed to the back of my mind because I imagined that it would become a valid issue, probably when 1 hit 30, or 35 yrs.

!!!But here i am, 25 years old, living with scary benign tumors in my reproductive system!!!

Before making any rush decisions,  I had to think about my emotional well being. I knew that  I needed to talk to someone, and somehow I convinced myself that telling any of my close friends wasn’t such a good idea. I did talk to my mom and my boyfriend, but I didn’t mention anything to Brooke*. Not knowing that she had had that particular diagnosis, in the same time period that I did!


#self-discovery #reproductive-health #ladies #fibroids #love #growth #acceptance #friendship


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