It Was Like a Movie!


Hey guys, it’s Brooke* here… Weeks after my diagnosis, my mind was on a whirlwind because I was on the denial stage. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me at such a young age and I  felt stranded and confused on the next step I was to take, but all I  knew from the little research I had done is that  I  had to make some major lifestyle changes before I  figured out the way forward.
The only people who knew about what I was going through were my parents and a close doctor friend. My younger sister came to stay with me for a while but I did not feel the need to open up to her because I felt that she wouldn’t understand.
I had really thought whether to open up to Angie* about my diagnosis but I was afraid that she wouldn’t get it too and she would just tell me that it would be OK like everyone else.

One day I went to see Angie* and as we were catching up, I had a deep urge to talk to her about fibroids but I  choose the “asking for a Friend” approach  so that I  could hear what she thought about this whole thing. The moment I started talking, she seemed caught off guard like she wasn’t expecting me to bring something of that sort up.

She asked me why I  was asking and if I had them  and I couldn’t lie,just found myself opening up to her and to my shock she exclaimed that she had  them too!!! Can u imagine!  That was the perfect bitter-sweet moment because we just found out that we were going through the same damn thing in silence while we would have had each other’s shoulder to lean on.

We get to talk about everything we are going through, share information and encourage each other. I must admit this whole issue feel way lighter in my heart knowing that I have someone who I can open up to and understands exactly what I am saying. We hope to encourage someone who feels like they are alone in this because we know exactly how that feels. 😉

#self-discovery #reproductive-health #ladies #fibroids #love #growth #acceptance #friendship


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