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Fighting my Fibroids

I wish I could be the perfect case study. I wish I could take some experimental drug, measured in milliliters, compared up against my doppelganger with identical fibroids, taking a placebo. Take an ultrasound every month and measure her tumors against mine.

As it stands, I am basically throwing everything up against the wall in hopes something sticks. And I probably won’t have any evidence of my progress or lack thereof for a while. I was recommended to have another ultrasound done in 6 months. That’s taking me up to November.

I’m willing to consider surgical options to get rid of the tumors. Especially if I can stop them from growing and figure out the underlying cause. I’m especially keen on what they call uterine artery embolization–that doesn’t require any surgery. Another thing I’d be willing to try is focused laser or ultrasound–basically burning the tumors remotely. That still has…

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